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Hunting on conservation land

You’ll need to get permits for hunting on conservation or other government managed land.

Hunting basics

To hunt on public conservation land you need a hunting permit. To hunt on any other land you need permission from the landowner.

Learn where, what and how you can safely hunt on conservation land. Find out about:

  • protected species
  • heli-hunting
  • taking dogs hunting
  • where pesticides are laid.


Find out:

  • when to hunt
  • where to stay
  • what gear to pack
  • how to keep safe.

Rules for hunting on public conservation land

What kind of permits you’ll need

Each person in a hunting party needs a separate permit, whether you’re hunting with a firearm, bow or knife. Hunting after dark and spotlighting is illegal on conservation land.

Permits and licences

If you’re hunting with a gun, you need a valid New Zealand firearms licence. If you do not have one, you can only hunt with a gun if you’re with someone who does have a licence. You have to be sharing the gun, and they need to stay within arm’s reach of you while you’re using it.

Firearms licence

Along with your gamebird licence, you also need a gamebird hunting permit from the DOC office that’s closest to the hunting area.

Gamebird licences and permits

A small game hunting permit restricts hunting to specific areas and times. Small game includes:

  • Canada geese
  • feral geese
  • hares
  • rabbits.

Small game hunting permit

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