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The scope of

If you work in government, this guide helps you work out if your information and services should be on this site.

Who is for is for people who need to interact with the NZ government in the course of their day-to-day lives including NZ citizens and residents, or people who want to move to or visit NZ.

Information on aims to improve co-operation and partnership across agencies so that users have a simpler and more trustworthy experience when they’re interacting with government.

The site is a way for people to find out what they need to do, as well as how government can support them. They do not need to know which agency to go to as information is presented by topic.

What goes on

Information and services are included on if there is evidence that users need help to:

  • improve or simplify their experience when dealing with government
  • know what they need to do and how to do it.

Criteria for putting information on

Before content is published, your information must meet at least 1 of the following criteria.

  1. It simplifies multi-agency journeys and provides all-of-government information — that is, an event or interaction that involves more than one government agency. Examples include having a baby, being made redundant or retiring from work.
  2. It helps people to know if they’re eligible for any support from government, such as financial allowances or benefits, healthcare or a rates rebate.
  3. It makes it easier for users to:
    • understand the structure of government
    • know who’s responsible or accountable, such as who to complain to if something goes wrong.
  4. It helps users to participate in government policy creation and decision-making — provides details of consultations that local and central government are asking for feedback on.
  5. It helps users to contact government. provides a directory listing of government organisations so that users can find:
    • contact details
    • a brief description of an organisation’s role
    • management information.
  6. It helps people find new government information, services and tools. provides a short-term link to new services from a tile on its home page so people can help with trials and give feedback.

Promotional tiles

What does not go on does not provide:

  • specialist content — content for a non-generalist audience that requires expert knowledge to understand it, such as teacher registration information or food labelling requirements
  • business content — this goes on
  • duplicate content — if another agency covers a subject well we will not duplicate it, we’ll link to it instead
  • transactional services — they can be linked to, but are not currently hosted on
  • government campaigns — content focused on highlighting specific ministerial initiatives or advice to the public, like press releases or cabinet papers
  • commercial content — there is no advertising on
  • details of non-government organisations that are funded to provide government services — will link to the relevant content instead.

Publish your content on

If you work in government and want to add information about your services to, contact the team.


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