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Emergency help when you’re overseas

NZ Embassies can help you if something goes wrong while you’re outside NZ.

Urgent after-hours help

Call the Consular Emergency Assistance number if, for example, you’re reporting a death, serious illness or injury, or arrest of a NZ citizen.

What NZ embassies can help with

NZ embassies can help you or give you advice if something goes wrong while you’re outside NZ.

They can also help with general advice so you can help yourself, and during crises such as civil unrest and natural disasters.

Find an embassy

What NZ embassies cannot help with

Consular and embassy staff cannot:

  • pay bills for hotels, travel, legal or medical expenses or the costs of returning a body to NZ
  • give you legal advice, investigate a crime or get you out of prison
  • get you better conditions in prison or hospital than a local
  • provide you with financial help — except in a real crisis, and you’ll have to pay any money back
  • operate a mail service for you or store your stuff
  • become involved in civil disputes.

Register to get travel alerts if you're travelling or living overseas

You can get alerts about important changes to travel advice by registering with SafeTravel.

Registration is free. All New Zealand citizens and their families are entitled to sign up.

Official registration for New Zealanders living and travelling overseas — SafeTravel

Who to contact for more help

If you need more help or have questions about the information or services on this page, contact the following agency.

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